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Create a Personalized Message

Once you have a list, you can create a message to send about the sale. Outbound messaging campaigns allow you to send the exact same message to every customer on your list, and the message may include calling list record fields added as variables for personalization.

When adding variables in the message body for personalization, use the following format: $(fullInfo.[list field name]). For example, list field "previousPurchase" should appear in the message as $(fullInfo.previousPurchase). Considering this, a personalized message will look something like the following:

Hi, $(firstName)! We’re having a HUGE sale! Use this code at checkout for a 20% discount and maintain your $(fullInfo.Status) status: COOL20

Note: The field where this message will be configured does not have a character limit; however, SMS carriers may limit the length of the messages. If the message is too long, the carrier may either truncate it or fail the request completely. If your message is longer than 160 characters, check with your service provider about possible limitations and workarounds.

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