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Requested Skills Report

This report shows demand for different skills defined in your contact center. The skills are arranged according to their groups, and the report shows requests for each individual skill and the totals for the group. Note that if a call requested several skills, it will be counted separately for each requested skill in all metrics of this report. Metrics in this report include campaign calls.

All metrics in this report are calculated for interactions of call and chat media types only.

Note: If you run service reports for time periods when you had old or discontinued services, the names of these services will be displayed; this includes deleted services. The reports for these time periods will show that you had interactions as well as the service names you had at that time. Note that if you do not have any activity on these services within 30 days, the system will display the service names in italics; the system will not show the names at all after 90 days without activity.

Metric Descriptions

Average Speed of Answer

Average Speed of Answer is the average time that answered calls requesting this skill spent waiting in the service queue and were ringing the desktop before being answered.

Number of Calls Received

Number of Calls Received is the total number of calls that requested this skill in the given reporting interval.

Number of Calls Queued

Number of Calls Queued is the number of calls requesting this skill that entered the queue.

Number of Calls Answered

Number of Calls Answered is the number of calls requesting this skill that were answered by agents.

Overflow Calls

Overflow Calls are the number of calls requesting this skill that were routed to overflow destinations.
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