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Access Requirements

User Access

Users may edit a wallboard’s layout when granted the privilege Customize Wallboards. Privileges are granted by system administrators of your contact center from the Configuration > Users & Teams > Roles > Properties section of the Contact Center Administrator application.

There are three privileges related to accessing the wallboard application:

  1. Access Real-time Stats API - When enabled, this privilege allows users to view created wallboards. Also, this privilege allows the wallboard icon to appear on the Agent Desktop top menu bar.
  2. Customize Wallboards - This privilege allows users with access to wallboards to create and customize them.
  3. Push/Pull Global Wallboards - This privilege allows users with access to wallboards Push/Pull functionality.

If you are not sure if you have the appropriate wallboard privileges, contact your system administrator.

Access Exceptions

Access to the Wallboard application is limited, in part, by your service provider. Generally, access to the application is made possible by user privileges; however, access to the application itself may be limited, even for privileged users.

For example, users may occasionally see the following error message after logging into the application: "You have exceeded the total number of Wallboard applications that can be opened simultaneously under your current license."

In such instances, users who are allowed to customize or push/pull wallboards will still be able to open the top-right menu to use any wallboard design options (e.g., create new wallboard views, edit existing views, etc.).
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