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Service Grid

The Service Grid widget provides information about a specified selection of services.


Users with the privilege Customize Wallboards may edit the control settings of wallboard widgets. Service Grid settings are as follows.

Service Grid control settings


Title is the title of the widget. Widget titles, along with their icons, are displayed in the widget selector.

Show only

You can select the selected dispositions or selected services to be shown on the widget. If selected dispositions is chosen, a dialog will open with the available dispositions that can be included for the service.

Selected services are included in the widget in the same way. Selected services also may be called from any single service statistic. Note that services not assigned to the editing user will not be displayed or included in calculation. The display is limited to the editing user’s assigned services.

Select dispositions for a service by clicking the left and right arrows

Column headings

Selecting the enable checkbox enables the column headings to be shown on the widget.

Max items to show

Enter the maximum number of items to be shown on the widget.


Service metrics are displayed in Columns. You can specify the information to be shown in each column.


Order affects the order in which service metrics are displayed in the widget.


Sort will sort the services and metrics listed in the widget.


The Title field allows you to rename the Service Grid columns.


For the Service Grid widget, the following service metrics may be selected.

For more information on service metrics, see the Reporting Reference Guide, section Service Metrics Report.

Agents busy with this service

Agents in ACW state

Average idle time of matching agents

Average preview time of matching agents

Average speed of answer/reply

Callbacks in queue now

Callbacks requested

Completed records in active lists

Completed records with personal agent assignments

Count of records in all active lists

Count of selected dispositions

Count of selected dispositions %

Custom Survey Metric 1

Custom Survey Metric 2

Customer Satisfaction

Estimated campaign duration

Estimated wait time

First Call Resolution

Inbound abandoned

Inbound abandoned %

Inbound abandoned in IVR

Inbound abandoned in queue

Inbound abandoned in queue %

Inbound abandoned while ringing

Inbound dropped by system in IVR

Inbound dropped by system in queue

Inbound dropped by system while ringing

Inbound duration average

Inbound duration total

Inbound emails carried over

Inbound emails carried over from previous day

Inbound emails dispositioned without reply

Inbound emails for existing queued cases

Inbound emails handled

Inbound emails in personal queues now

Inbound emails not accepted

Inbound emails replied

Inbound emails that created new cases

Inbound handled by agents

Inbound handled by agents %

Inbound handled by agents now

Inbound handled unique

Inbound in IVR now

Inbound in IVR, queue or on agents now

Inbound in queue now

Inbound interactions answered in Service Level % (moving window)

Inbound longest wait now

Inbound queued

Inbound queued unique

Inbound received

Inbound received as transfers

Inbound rejected or missed by agents

Inbound released by agents

Inbound released by callers

Inbound ringing on agents now

Inbound routed to agents

Inbound self serviced

Inbound Service Level target

Inbound Service Level threshold

Inbound short-abandoned in queue

Inbound short-abandoned in queue %

Inbound transferred away

Matching agents busy

Matching agents logged-in

Matching agents not ready

Matching agents ready

Net Promoter Score

Number of interactions recategorized from a different service

Number of nonreplies started and discarded by agents

Number of records excluded by DNC lists from active Lists

Occupancy of matching agents

Outbound call attempts

Outbound call attempts in progress now

Outbound calls abandoned

Outbound calls abandoned %

Outbound calls abandoned in IVR

Outbound calls abandoned in queue

Outbound calls abandoned in queue %

Outbound calls abandoned while ringing

Outbound calls answered, out of connection speed compliance

Outbound calls answered, out of connection speed compliance %

Outbound calls attempts successful

Outbound calls attempts successful %

Outbound calls attempts failed

Outbound calls dropped in IVR

Outbound calls dropped in queue

Outbound calls dropped while ringing

Outbound calls duration average

Outbound calls duration total

Outbound calls in IVR %

Outbound calls in queue now

Outbound calls rejected or missed by agents

Outbound calls released by agent

Outbound calls ringing on agents now

Outbound calls routed to agents

Outbound calls self serviced

Outbound calls transferred away

Outbound interactions handled by agents (email - send non-replies)

Outbound interactions handled by agents now

Records attempts

Records attempts %

Records completed in active lists %

Records completions

Records completions %

Records dialable right now (Dialable)

Records in quota groups that reached quota limits

Records previews

Records skips

Records skips %

Remaining records in active lists

Remaining records with personal agent assignments

Service Name

Service Name is the name of the service.

Control Options

In the Settings dialog window, notice the control options. These are used to select, sort, delete, and move items in and out of the widget's columns.

  • Agent-Grid-Plus-316.png The "plus" icon is used to add more statistics to a column.
  • Agent-Grid-Delete-316.png The "X" is used to delete a statistic from a column.
  • Agent-Grid-Sort-Circle-316.png The sort circle means there is no sorting, and it appears only on hover.
  • Agent-Grid-Sort-Up-316.png The sort up arrow is used to move a statistic up the list.
  • Agent-Grid-Sort-Down-316.png The sort down arrow is used to move a statistic down the list.

Note the following:

  • When column headings are disabled, the Title column is hidden.
  • When multiple sort options are selected, they are evaluated in the order that columns are defined.
  • Options show up on hover when options available for a specific statistic, or when there are non-default options for Service grid “selected services” instead of teams and states.
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