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The Insert workflow block is the part of Integration with Bright Pattern Contact Center

This block creates the specified (SFDC) object in the SFDC database. Insert workflow block

Conditional Exits

The Insert block may take the Failed conditional exit if the insert operation fails.


Title text

Title text is the name of the instance of the block. Enter a name in the text field and the new name of the block appears in the flowchart.

Object type name

This is the type of the SFDC object to be created as defined in the SFDC system. It may be specified as an application variable in the $(varname) format.

Variable name of object ID

This is the name of the variable that will be used as the identifier for the SFDC object to be created. It will be set only if the block succeeds.

Object fields

Object fields are object properties. Click add and specify the property Name as defined in the SFDC system. Then specify the desired Value. Repeat for the remaining object properties. Field values may be specified as application variables in the $(varname) format.

The code and the body of the received HTTP response will be stored in local variables $(integrationResultCode) and $(integrationResultBody), respectively. For troubleshooting purposes, use the EMail or Internal Message block to obtain the content of responses indicating a failed attempt to create an object. For more information, see the description of the variable $(integrationResultBody). Insert workflow settings

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