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Assign Case to Agent

Info.40x40.png Deprecated

The Assign Case to Agent block isn't available as of release 5.22. Existing workflows which include Assign Case to Agent will work, although functionality to assign a case to an agent won't work.

This block assigns the case to a selected agent.


Title Text

Title Text is the name of the instance of the block. Enter a name in the text field and the new name of the block will appear in the flowchart.


The Agent field is where you may select from a drop-down menu the name of the agent you would like to assign cases to.

Agent ID

Agent ID is where you may enter the ID of the agent you would like to assign cases to. You may also enter variables in this field (i.e., $agentID). Note the Agent ID field overrides the Agent field.

Assign Case to Agent settings
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