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Each row in the interaction_quality_monitoring_grades table represents a grade in a single category given to an interaction segment during an instance of review referred to in the iqm_id field.

Description of Data

The following table offers the name (i.e., ID), data type (e.g., BIGINT, BINARY, BIT, DATETIME, ENUM, INT, VARCHAR, etc.), and description for each metric (i.e., column) of the interaction_quality_monitoring_grades table.

Column Name Data Type Description
id BINARY (16) Primary key
iqm_id BINARY (16) Reference to identifier of the review instance (field id in the interaction_quality_monitoring table)
grade_name VARCHAR Name of the call grading category
grade_value INT Grade assigned by the reviewer in the given category
order_num INT The order in which the given category is supposed to appear in reports relative to the other grading categories (as defined in configuration)
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