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Each row of the voice_recordings table contains data related to voice recordings, including recording storage location as well as erased recordings information. Note that there can be multiple voice recordings related to a single interaction.

Note that in Bright Pattern Contact Center software version 3x, the call_detail table contained field caller_recording_url and field callee_recording_url. The data these fields contained now can be found in the interaction_id field and rec_url fields of this table.

Description of Data

The following table offers the name (i.e., ID), data type (e.g., BIGINT, BINARY, BIT, DATETIME, ENUM, INT, VARCHAR, etc.), and description for each metric (i.e., column) of the voice_recordings table.

Note that for time-related metrics, the time is given in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Column Name Data Type Description
id BINARY (16) Primary key
interaction_id BINARY (16) The ID of the interaction associated with the voice recording
start_time DATETIME The start of the particular segment of a voice recording; this is what rec_url points to
end_time DATETIME The end of the particular segment of a voice recording; this is what rec_url points to
rec_url VARCHAR The URL for the specific voice recording, which is composed of the folder, date, and ID
rec_server_id BINARY (16) The ID of the server where the voice recording is stored
encryption_key_id BINARY (16) The encryption key ID for the voice recording, if encryption is enabled for screen recordings. For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Encryption Key Management
s3_rec_url VARCHAR The URL of the voice recording if voice recordings are stored using Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3
s3_bucket VARCHAR The URL for the Amazon S3 bucket; this is where the S3 voice recordings are stored
erase_time DATETIME The time the voice recording was erased
erase_login_id VARCHAR The login ID of the user who erased the recording
erase_reason LONGTEXT The reason the voice recording was erased, as given by the user who erased the recording
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