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How to Use This Guide

The Bright Pattern Contact Center Reporting Database Specification provides descriptions of the statistical data and types of detailed records that may be queried from the database.

This guide organizes such information into two main parts: Statistical Data and Detailed Records. Statistical Data specifies tables that contain metrics for the main contact center resources, such as agents and services. The data in these tables is mainly used for generating typical reports described in the Bright Pattern Contact Center Reports Reference Guide. Detailed Records specifies tables that contain detailed information about all agent activities and all interactions that either entered, or were initiated from, the Bright Pattern Contact Center system. Data from these tables can be used, for example, for quality management tasks, which require searching for specific interactions based on combinations of specific criteria.

You should familiarize yourself with each part by first reading the "general information" sections, which provide basic information about retrieving data from the database, metrics/tables and their meanings, media types, and so forth. After you have begun to query the database, you should use the metric-specific sections of this guide for reference purposes.

Metrics include underscores ("_") in their names; such metrics are the names of the tables of data that are retrieved from the database.

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