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General Information

The Embedded Agent Desktop API is used for requesting for information about agent states and interactions, as well as controlling agent and supervisor login, status, call flow, call recordings, transfers, and outbound dialing.

This API is incorporated in the Bright Pattern Embedded Agent Desktop SDK. For use cases and examples of how to use this API, see the Embedded Agent Desktop SDK Specification.

Supported Methods

The Embedded Agent Desktop API supports the following types of methods: agent state, dialing and transfer, completing and terminating an interaction, and call recordings control.

Agent State methods are used to request an agent's state and interaction information, as well as to change an agent's state.

Dialing and Transfer methods are used for dialing phone numbers and transferring calls.

Completing and Terminating an Interaction methods are used for completing and terminating interactions.

Call Recordings Control methods are used for controlling call recordings and getting the status of call recordings.

Supported Events

The Embedded Agent Desktop API supports the following types of events: agent login, agent status, and call flow.

Agent Login events are used for showing whether an agent is logged in or out of Agent Desktop.

Agent Status events are used for retrieving an agent's state and reason.

Call Flow events are used for getting information about active interactions and completed interactions.


The syntax for all the methods and events in this specification includes the object window.bpspat.api. This object is created when the script file is included in an external webpage as shown:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://<tenantUrl>/agentdesktop/app/lib/servicepattern-sdk-v1.js"></script>

Note that in the script source, you replace <tenantUrl> with your actual web server. For example:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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