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Customizing Reports

In the “Interval Report with SL” report template, is it possible to add a column for the number of agents staffed?

Yes--the “Interval Report with SL” report template is built upon the table Service_in_time_counters, which includes the fields min_agents (minimum number of agents) and max_agents (maximum number of agents).

Should you wish to add these fields to your report, you may do the following:

  1. Download the report template (a .JRXML file) for the report in question.
  2. Import and open the .JRXML file in Jaspersoft Studio.
  3. Add two new columns for the fields desired to the table. These should be:
  • Column “Minimum Agents” with field $F{min_agents}
  • Column “Maximum Agents” with field $F{max_agents}
  1. Create the added fields as Jaspersoft Studio fields.
  2. Update the crosstab table to include the newly added fields.
  3. Save the modified report with a new name (so you can find it easily).
  4. Upload it to the Contact Center Administrator application (i.e., your tenant) by going to Configuration > Reporting > Report Templates.

For more information on customizing report templates in Jaspersoft Studio, see the Custom Reporting Tutorial.

For generated reports (specifically, the Agent Performance report), how can I remove inactive agents from the drop-down list?

These users will remain in the reporting lists for historical reporting reasons and cannot be removed.

What is the difference between report templates and custom reports?

A number of stock reports for evaluating the performance of agents and agent teams as well as assessing the efficiency of contact center services and scenarios come with Bright Pattern Contact Center software.

Report templates are developed using Jaspersoft reporting tools and are the basis from which one-time or scheduled reports are generated.

Report templates are accessible in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Report Templates. You can download a report template for the purpose of creating a custom CSV report in BPXML format. After customizing a report template and uploading it in section Report Templates, you can generate a report from your custom report template.

Custom reports, by contrast, are for minor report editing (i.e., removing or reordering specific columns) and are created in the Report Customizer application. The Report Customizer application is found in the Reports view of the Contact Center Administrator application and is accessible by clicking the Customize button.

Reporting Differences Between Versions 3.x and Versions 5.x

In Bright Pattern Contact Center software versions 3.x, when you create and upload a customized report template, its name will appear as the name of the report template file; this name can be seen on the scheduled reports list. Additionally, you can schedule the same customized report template to run multiple times.

In versions 5.x, however, when you create and upload a customized report template, you must name the report template (i.e., it will not use the name of the report template file). In terms of scheduling the same customized report template to run multiple times, you must select the Save As button; once a report is saved, it is available to run at a later time.

For more information, see the Reporting Reference Guide.
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