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How to Solicit Post-Transactional Surveys via Email

Survey forms are designed to be sent to your customers via email after interactions are completed. Email interactions are not dictated by scenario, so while it is not possible to utilize the interactive survey features associated with chat or voice scenarios, survey forms provide you an opportunity to request satisfaction input.

Survey forms are created and edited in the Survey Form Editor application and can be distributed by post-transaction workflows. Additionally, a single survey form may be configured in any number of languages you need. Note that survey forms are associated with the quality management features of Bright Pattern Contact Center software and are different from the forms configured in the Form Builder application.


This example requires you to have a configured email service with dispositions, email scenario entry, as well as a working SMTP configuration.

Additionally, if you wish to map custom fields to questions on your form, you will need to configure them first in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Custom Survey Fields.


The following sequence of actions illustrates the steps necessary to take in the various Bright Pattern Contact Center applications in order to send post-transactional surveys via email.

Contact Center Administrator

==== Step 1:

Survey Form Editor

Workflow Builder

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