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Ways to Request Assistance

While handling a service interaction, you have multiple ways to request assistance:

  • Flag the interaction by clicking the Flag button Flag-Button-50.png. The request for help will be displayed on the supervisor’s screen. The supervisor may then connect to your service call in Coaching or Barge-In mode. In Coaching mode, you will hear the supervisor, but the other party on the call will not. In Barge-In mode, all three of you will be able to talk to each other as if during a regular three-way conference call. Depending on your system configuration, the supervisor may also be able to see your screen.
  • Use internal chat to contact an internal party that can help you. For more information, see section How to Use Internal Chat.
  • Make a consultation call to an internal or external party that can help you. For more information, see section How to Make a Consultation Call. Remember that after making a consultation call, you have several options, including returning to your primary call, transferring your customer to the consultation party, or connecting the consultation party to your primary call for a three-way conference. For more information on the latter two options, see sections How to Transfer a Call and How to Host a Conference.
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