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How to Make an Outbound Call

Outbound calls are calls you make to external numbers of a public telephone network.

Follow these steps to make an outbound call.

Step 1: Enter phone number with prefix (if necessary)

In the Number Input Field, enter the full telephone number of the party you want to call.

To enter the number, you can use either the numeric keys of your keyboard or the Dial Pad tab Dial-Pad-Tab-Icon-50.png. Note that if you begin entering a phone number that you have manually entered and dialed previously, the system will automatically complete the rest of the phone number for you. You can also use the Recent Contacts, Directory, and Favorites to make calls to known outside contacts.

Number Input field and Dial Pad


Depending on your contact center configuration, you may also have to enter a prefix (e.g., "1") for access to the public telephone network before entering the telephone number itself. Sometimes, you may be required to dial different prefixes depending on the destination. You should receive instructions about the use of prefixes from your administrator.

Prefix "1" and phone number in Number Input field

International Calls

To dial internationally, enter the plus ("+") sign and phone number. To enter the plus sign from the Dial Pad, click and hold the “0” button.

Plus sign and phone number in Number Input field

Depending on your contact center configuration, you may have to enter prefix "011" instead of the plus sign.

Prefix "011" and phone number in Number Input field

Step 2: Select service or Voice Number

If the outbound call you are making is associated with a particular service that you provide, click the drop-down menu below the Number Input Field and select the desired service. Note that depending on your system configuration, a service may be automatically associated with the call based on the prefix of the number that you dial. If you are in doubt as to which service to attribute this call to, choose None. Consult your administrator for more specific instructions regarding service selection.

Service selector

Step 3: Click the Initiate call button

Click the Initiate call button Initiate-Call-Button-50.png.

If the called party is available, you will hear the ring back tone in your headset, and you will see a blinking outgoing call icon Outgoing-Call-Icon-50.png in the Active Communications List. When the called party answers, the outgoing call icon will stop blinking, indicating that the call is now established.

Note: Depending on your previous actions, instead of the Initiate call button Initiate-Call-Button-50.png, you may see the Initiate single-step conference button Initiate-Conference-Call-50.png. This button is used to set up a conference with another active call on your desktop. In absence of another active call, this button can be used in the same way as the Initiate call button.

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