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How to Use Prerecorded Messages

Depending on your contact center practices and the services that you provide, you may be required to repeat the same information during each call (e.g., a standard company greeting or a policy advisory). Such standard messages can be prerecorded and then played back to the customer during a call.

Some prerecorded messages can be preconfigured by your system administrator with respect to various services provided by your contact center. In this case, when you handle a call associated with a specific service, messages preconfigured for this service will be made available for selection via Contact Info Panel.

Creating Messages

You can define your personal prerecorded messages and record them using your own voice.

To create a personal message, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the text of your message.
  2. Put on your headset.
  3. Click Settings Settings-Icon-50.png. Note that if you have uploaded a user profile photo, your photo is used in place of the Settings icon.
  4. Select Pre-recorded Messages.
  5. In the dialog window that appears, click the “+” button.
  6. In the window that appears, specify the message Title (e.g., My regular voicemail message.)
  7. Click the Start recording button Record-Button-50.png. You will hear a single ringing tone, which indicates the beginning of the recording. The button appearance will change to show the stop control Stop-Recording-Button.png.
  8. Speak your message into the microphone. When you are finished, click the Stop recording button Agent-guide-image18.JPG.
  9. Check your recorded message by clicking the Play file button Play-File-Button.png. If you are not satisfied with the way the message sounds, repeat step 6 and step 7 of this process.
  10. Click Ok to confirm.

Creating a personal prerecorded message

Standard Greetings

You can designate one of your prerecorded messages as a standard greeting that will be played to customers automatically as soon as you answer their calls (e.g., Welcome to ... My name is ... How can help you today?). You should only use such an automatic greeting if you actually use the same way of greeting your customers on all service calls that you handle.

To create such a greeting, follow these steps:

  1. When reviewing your message, select the play automatically on all service calls checkbox.
  2. When you click Ok to confirm, the message will appear marked as (default) in the message list.

Reviewing and Editing Messages

You can review your messages, change their titles, and re-record the content whenever you like.

To review and/or edit an existing prerecorded message, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Pre-recorded Messages
  2. Select the message you wish to edit
  3. Click the edit button Edit-Message-Button.png.

Note: Instead of recording your personal messages via the Agent Desktop application, you can record them offline and store them as audio files. The process of configuring your greetings is the same, except instead of recording controls, you click the Upload button and select the desired audio file.

Playing Messages During a Call

If there are any prerecorded messages defined either at the service level or for your personal use, a message selector will appear in the Contact Info Panel when you have a connected call.

Pre-recorded message playback

To play a message to the other party on the call, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired message from the drop-down menu. If you do not see the desired message in the drop-down menu, click more… A separate dialog window will appear listing all available messages in two groups: Canned Prompts from Service and Personal Pre-recorded Messages.
  2. Click the Play file button Play-File-Button.png.
  3. Playback of the selected message will begin. You will be able to hear the message being played. You can continue the conversation with the other party normally after the message playback ends.
  4. If you wish to stop the message before the end of the playback, click the Stop button. You can continue the conversation with the other party normally after stopping the message.

Using a Pre-recorded Message As a Voicemail

You can use the message playback function to leave a prerecorded message on the called party’s answering machine. In this case, you can disconnect yourself from the call immediately after activating the message playback.

To leave a prerecorded message on the other party’s answering machine, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired message as described, and wait for the invitation to leave a message.
  2. Click the Play file button Play-File-Button.png. Playback of the selected message will begin.
  3. Click End Call at any time to disconnect yourself from the call.

Playback of the prerecorded message to the called party’s answering machine will continue until the message ends and the call will then be disconnected automatically.

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