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How to Reject an Incoming Call

Typically, you will indicate your temporary unavailability to receive service calls by changing your state to Not Ready while handling a previous interaction. However, if a call was delivered to your desktop before you had a chance to make yourself Not Ready, you have an option to reject this call.

To reject a call that is ringing at your desktop, click the Reject button in the call alert pop-up window.

Call alert pop-up window


If you reject a service call, it may be returned to the service queue to be answered by another agent.

If you reject an internal call, the calling party will get the busy tone indicating that you are unavailable at the moment.

After rejecting a service call, you will be automatically switched to the Not Ready state. You will receive a clear indication for the reason of being in the Not Ready state and you will have to make yourself Ready manually when you are ready to receive another call.

Note: Rejected service calls will appear in your performance and activity reports.

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