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How to Transfer an Email

A transfer is sending an email to another resource within your contact center for further processing. As mentioned in the How to Change an Assigned Email Service section, the most likely reason you may need to transfer an email is when you are not sure how to process it.

New Email

To transfer the email:

  1. Click Open to open the email
  2. Click the Transfer button Transfer-Button-50.png.
  3. In the dialog window that appears, select the desired service, person, or team.
  4. If you do not see the desired selection on the screen but you know its name, you can enter it in the Search field.
  5. Click Transfer to confirm the assignment.

Bulb-on.50x50.png Use the notes editor to include notes when transferring an email to reduce the need for the other agent to ask for clarification or context about the transferred email. Notes help the other agent see the reason for the transfer and better understand what action is required.

Transfer an Email

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