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Encryption Settings


Contact Center Administrator > Security > Encryption Settings

Recordings and transcripts of all your contact center interactions can be encrypted while they are stored in the Bright Pattern Contact Center system.

Before you can use the encryption capability, it must be enabled for your contact center at the service provider level.

To enable encryption, go to Security > Encryption Settings and check the items that you intend to store encrypted.

Select from the following:

  • Encrypt chat transcripts
  • Encrypt SMS transcripts
  • Encrypt stored email messages and attachments
  • Encrypt screen recordings
  • Encrypt voice recordings and transcripts

Select one or more encryption options.

When you export any encrypted items out of the system, they will be unencrypted for export.

For more information about the method and keys used for encryption, see section Encryption Key Management.

Bulb-on.50x50.png It's important to consider the level of security and encryption needed when selecting a transport protocol. Bright Pattern provides several different transport protocols when exporting recordings.
  • FTP This protocol isn't encrypted and isn't recommended for recordings that contain private or confidential information.
  • SFTP This protocol provides encryption and the specific encoding method depends on capabilities and allowed ciphers of the SFTP server and is negotiated between SFTP server and the Bright Pattern application during connection establishment.
  • S3 An Amazon Web Services storage option, which uses the AWS SDK for transport encryption, relying on HTTPS/TLS to provide secure transfer of recordings.

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