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The Embedded Agent Desktop SDK supports the following types of methods.

Agent State methods are used to request an agent's state and interaction information, as well as to change an agent's state. You can use either getState or setStatus requests.

Dialing and Transfer methods are used for dialing phone numbers and transferring calls. There are four types of requests: dialNumber, selectService, singleStepTransfer, and singleStepConference.

Completing and Terminating an Interaction methods are used for completing and terminating interactions. There are four types of requests: setDisposition, terminateInteraction, completeInteraction, and completeInteractionWithDisp.

Call Recordings Control methods are used for controlling call recordings and getting the status of call recordings. The types of requests you can make include muteCallRecordings, unmuteCallRecordings, getCallRecordingStatus(callback), startCallRecording(callback), stopCallRecording(callback), muteCallRecording(callback), and unmuteCallRecording(callback).

For more information, see General Information.

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