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Starts the call recording and gets confirmation that recording is on.

See the Embedded Agent Desktop Specification's Use Cases section for ways to use this method.



callback = function(data) {


Parameter Type Description
callback function JavaScript method executed when API method request is completed


Response Parameters

The response object may contain the following.

Name Data Type Description Example
item_id string Interaction ID "AA9ED493-8EB5-4120-A631-0919856E8358"
call_id string Call identifier "7A741A68-7F75-458A-ADB0-842D0F3BA8C3/203"
command string The command used for the callback function "call_recording_status"
recording boolean Whether a call is being recorded ("1") or not ("0") "1"
muted boolean Whether the call recording is muted ("1") or not ("0") "0"

Example Response

  "item_id": "D3FA4B4F-244A-41E4-AE89-022BF2AA8D11",
  "call_id": "7A741A68-7F75-458A-ADB0-842D0F3BA8C3\/211",
  "command": "call_recording_status",
  "recording": "1",
  "muted": "0"

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