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Microsoft Dynamics Screen Pop

Microsoft Dynamics Screen Pop scenario block

The Microsoft Dynamics Screen Pop scenario block specifies what Dynamics 365 data to be displayed for the agent when the interaction is delivered to this agent through the Connect Call block.


Microsoft Dynamics Screen Pop properties

Title text

The name of the instance of the block (any name).

Pop screen upon answer

Selecting this checkbox will screen pop the specified data to the agent upon accepting the interaction. If selected, this applies to any of the following screen pop options.

Pop object

Screen pops a specified Dynamics 365 object to the agent.

Pop a search result

Screen pops specified search result(s) to the agent.

Cancel screen pop

Cancels the screen pop of a specific Dynamics 365 object that may have been set by a previous use of this block in the same scenario.

Object Identifier

The name of the variable that identifies the Dynamics 365 object to be displayed. It can be specified as an application variable in the $(varname) format.

Object type

The type of object from the Dynamics 365 database that you want to screen pop.

Select from one of the following types:

  • Account
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Contract
  • Invoice
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Order
  • Quote
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