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Microsoft Dynamics Search Object

Microsoft Dynamics Search Object scenario block

The Microsoft Dynamics Search Object block finds an existing object in the Dynamics 365 database. When using this block, we assume that we have some information about a contact, such as case state, account number, or name, and we use that information for data lookup. You can use this block to search for a variety of data object types, including Account, Case, Contact, Contract, Invoice, Lead, Opportunity, Order, and Quote.


Microsoft Dynamics Search Object properties

Title Text

The name of the instance of the block (any name).

Object type

The type of object you want to search for in the Dynamics 365 database. Values may be manually entered in this field or selected from the drop-down menu. Note that the value in the Object type field is the Dynamics Entity Set Name. For more information, see Query Data using the Web API.

Select from one of the following types:

  • Account
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Contract
  • Invoice
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Order
  • Quote


This field allows free-form entry of of text in Dynamics 365 search URL syntax.

Recordset name

A recordset is a set of records (presented either as a table or a query from a table) in JSON format, which holds the results of the search that this block is doing.

The recordset name is the name of the recordset in JSON format. When entering the recordset name (e.g., "MScase"), you are declaring your recordset in a field name, and the value entered in this field can then be used in a number of subsequent blocks to dictate further actions (e.g., passing the value to a Microsoft Dynamics Create Object block if information about a contact is not found).

Conditional Exits


This exit is taken if the search operation failed due to invalid parameters, timeout, or network connectivity to the Dynamics 365 CRM.

No Data

This exit is taken if no data matching the specified search criteria is found.
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