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Set up a Watson Assistant Integration Account

Integrations with IBM Watson Assistant are enabled through integration accounts, which store the credentials of third-party services so that Bright Pattern Contact Center can access and work with them.

A Note About the Watson Name

Bright Pattern integrates with both IBM Watson Assistant--the latest version--and IBM Watson Assistant (Conversation)--the legacy version.

Previously, Watson Assistant was called Watson Conversation, and credentials for Watson Conversation included username and password. IBM has since renamed it Watson Assistant and has changed replaced username and password credentials with API key. For backwards compatibility, our integration accounts still work with either type of bot.

In this article, you will learn how to set up your Watson Assistant integration account and edit its properties.


Step 1: Add integration account

Add a bot/chat suggestions engine integration account, and select type Watson Assistant.

Bot/chat suggestions engine integration account types

Step 2: Edit properties

In the Properties dialog, enter the credentials of your IBM Watson Assistant bot instance as follows. This allows Bright Pattern to access your bot and use it in chat interactions.

Watson Assistant bot/chat suggestions engine integration account properties


The unique name of this integration account (any).


By default, the type is “Watson Assistant” because you selected this type when adding the account.


The endpoint of your Watson Assistant Skill in the following format: <Legacy v1 Workspace URL>?version=2017-05-26

For example:

  1. You can find the URL by going to Skills > your skill > Options > View API Details.

    IBM> Watson Skill > Options > View API Details

  2. From the Skill Details page that opens, copy the Legacy v1 Workspace URL.

    Copy your Legacy v1 Workspace URL

  3. Then append ?version 2017-05-26 to the end of the URL. For example:

Why do this?

Our integration accounts support requests to the V1 runtime API using the /message method, where user input is sent to Watson Assistant to get a response. We also support requests to the V2 runtime API using the /message method.

API requests require a version parameter that takes a date in the format version=YYYY-MM-DD. Our integration uses /message version=2017-05-26. Note that although the date of this version may not match the current version specified by IBM Cloud, this is the correct version to use for our integration because it is compatible with Bright Pattern applications.

When the version parameter is appended to the end of the URL property, the proper version will accompany every API request, every time the integrated Watson Assistant is used in Bright Pattern chat services.

Workspace ID

The identifying number (string) of your Watson Assistant (Conversation) Skill (i.e., instance). Note that in IBM Watson, skills used to be called workspaces.

  1. To find this ID, go to Skills > your skill > Options > View API Details.

    IBM> Watson Skill > Options > View API Details

  2. From the Skill Details page that opens, copy the Workspace ID.

    Copy your workspace ID


The API Key (string) used to authenticate the service (e.g., “EEE-MTX13ZS1Ta4pD8qO4rmGP_SXR7HPB8IAAnPgTwKV”).

You can find the API Key by going to Skills > your skill > Options > View API Details.

IBM> Watson Skill > Options > View API Details

  1. From the Skill Details page that opens, copy the Api Key.

    Copy your API key

The API key is either auto-generated for you or created manually in IBM Cloud.

How to Create a New Key
  1. Go to IBM's website and navigate to IBM Cloud > Access (IAM) > IBM Cloud API Keys.

  2. Click Create an IBM Cloud API key.

    IBM Cloud API Keys

  3. In Create API Key dialog, add name and description.

    Create API Key

  4. Download it and save it because the API key will be shown only once.

    Create API Key

Max API calls per day

The maximum number of calls that can be done each day. This limit is here to keep your account from being charged for additional calls beyond the first 1,000 that are included in a free account.

Maximum suggestions

The maximum number of suggestions (e.g., 3) that can be delivered to the Agent Desktop during active chat interactions. Suggestions are the bot-generated replies that agents can select and use during chats.

Test Connection

Click to be sure Bright Pattern Contact Center can connect to your Watson Assistant.

If the credentials are invalid, go back to the Url property and make sure you’ve entered it exactly as explained. Test until you see the success dialog: "Account credentials appear to be valid."

Step 3: Save properties

Click Apply at the bottom of the screen to save your account properties. Your Watson Assistant integration configuration is now complete.

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