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How to Configure a Microsoft Azure Web App Bot from a Template

A Web App Bot is a web service that uses a conversational interface and communicates with the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework Service to send and receive messages and events. You can utilize a Web App Bot in Bright Pattern Contact Center to provide self-service options to customers, bot suggestions to agents, and more in chat interactions.

This application note will guide you through the process of creating a template-based Web App Bot in Azure, setting up a Bot Framework Direct Line channel, and configuring a Bright Pattern Contact Center scenario to send and receive chat messages.


Before you begin, you must have the following:

  • Microsoft account
  • Active subscription to Azure (free trial OK)
  • Admin access to the Bright Pattern Contact Center Administrator application


Step 1: Create a Web App Bot in Azure from a Sample Template

  1. In the Microsoft Azure Portal, in the resources and services blade menu, click + Create a resource.

    Click "+ Create a resource" to get started

  2. In the Azure Marketplace > AI + Machine Learning section, select Web App Bot.

    Create a "Web App Bot" bot service

  3. In Web App Bot properties, fill in the required fields:

    1. Bot handle - The name of your bot, which can be changed later if needed. The name should be unique across Azure; you won’t be able to continue if the name is already taken.

    2. Subscription - The subscription you want to use to pay for the service; you may also use some of your available credits.

    3. Resource group - The resource group for the bot to easily manage all resources created in Azure.

    4. Location - Choose the nearest location for your customers; this option cannot be changed later.

    5. App name - The name of your app, which also should be unique across Azure because a subdomain will be created to access the Web App Bot.

    6. Bot template - Choose Echo Bot.

      Web App Bot properties

Step 2: Configure Direct Line channel

The Bot Framework Direct Line channel lets you integrate your bot into your mobile app, webpage, or other application. In this step, we will set up a Direct Line channel and grab the secret key, which is needed for integration with Bright Pattern.

  1. Go to Home > Resource groups, and select the group that you created or select for the bot.

    Select your group

  2. Now, within the bot group:

    1. Select the app service you created.

    2. Go to Bot management > Channels, and click Configure Direct Line channel.

      Click "Configure Direct Line channel"

    3. Copy a Secret key. The Bot Framework generates secret keys that your client application can use to authenticate the Direct Line API requests that it issues to communicate with your bot.

      Copy a secret key

This completes Web App Bot configuration.

Next step: Edit Bright Pattern Contact Center scenario

Now that you have completed your bot configuration, you can use the bot in a Bright Pattern Contact Center chat scenario. See How to Configure a Chat Scenario That Uses a Microsoft Azure Web App Bot for detailed instructions.

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