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• 5.19

Create a Progressive Campaign

Features and Benefits

Outbound voice campaigns allow you to distribute the records from the list to your agents via Agent Desktop for fast and effective campaign management.


Ensure that the following tasks are complete before starting this tutorial:


Follow these steps to configure a progressive campaign:

1. In the Contact Center Administrator, open the Configuration tab and select Services & Campaigns >> Properties, then add a new campaign using the “ + “ button.

2. Select Outbound Voice in the Create Service window and click "OK."

3. Name the campaign and verify that "Outbound Voice" is chosen in the Type dropdown in the Properties tab.

4. Review all the fields, select options as required for the call center, and click “Apply” to save the changes.

5. Beneath the Assignments tab, click the "add" link and add the appropriate members to Teams, Administrators, Operators (optional), and Reviewers (optional), and then save.

6. Upload a list to the Lists tab using the Add Calling List option by clicking the bottom right pane's “ + “ sign and checking the Enabled checkbox before applying the selections.

7. Select the appropriate disposition list In the Dispositions tab and select "Apply."

8. Select the “Enable screenpop activity form” with a drop-down menu in the Activity tab. Click the drop-down menu and choose from the list of available forms, if necessary for your campaign, before selecting “Apply.”

9. Click the “ + “ button on the bottom right of the Numbers tab to add a default Caller ID number to the available list and to specify where the dialer is dialing from, select from Scenarios or Caller ID, and click "Apply."

10. In the Outbound tab you will find five sub-tabs: General, Calling Hours, Dial Rules, DNC, and Diagnostics.

A. Select General.

  • Type: Click the Type drop down and choose Progressive.
  • Check the Enabled checkbox so that the campaign is enabled and will be ready to use later.
  • Leave the "Status" button on “Stop.” Later, when you are ready to run the campaign, you will click the “Start” button and then “Apply.”
  • Continue making Progressive campaign selections as dictated by the needs of your campaign and call center requirements and then click “Apply.”

B. Select Calling Hours.

  • Select and specify the hours of the calling center, as well as the hours that agents are allowed to call from this list for this campaign, and then choose "Apply."

C. Complete the Dial Rules and DNC tabs as necessary by the call center requirements and then click "Apply."

D. Select Diagnostics.

  • The Diagnostics page has one primary purpose: Configuration Checks.
    • If the page is blank that means that your set up is sufficient so far.
    • Click “Apply.”
    • If the page is not blank, there will be a list of potential issues to be addressed beneath Configuration Checks. Click on the “edit” link and it will take you to the issue in question, where you can fix it if you so wish.
    • When the Diagnostics error list is fixed to your satisfaction, click “Apply.”

11. A basic Progressive Outbound campaign is now set up. For further information, see the Contact Center Administrator reference guide or contact Customer Care at

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