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Report Access

How do I change report access for supervisors? Is there a specific place I can permit or deny access to specific reports for defined roles?

If the supervisors are able to view the reports, they are able to run them with the permissions they have. To ensure that supervisors can access reports, make sure that:

  • The specified user is assigned the role Supervisor
  • The specified user is added to the applicable Team for which a report is available

Supervisors must have the specified privilege(s) and be assigned to the team in order to access metrics/reports for the team.

To add supervisors to teams:

  1. Log in as Admin to the Contact Center Administrator application.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Users & Teams > Teams.
  3. Select a team.
  4. Click the Properties tab.
  5. Beside “Supervisors:”, click edit.
  6. Assign supervisor(s) to the team.

The supervisors assigned to the team will be able to view and run reports with the permissions (i.e., privileges) that they have been given.

For more information on users and teams, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Users & Teams.
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