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How do I view disposition and notes for a specific service?

You can find such information in the following places:

  • In your stock Call Detail report (in Contact Center Administrator, navigate to Reports and click Call Detail).
  • In your Call Detail report that you have customized to include disposition and notes for a service
  • In interaction records

Because your focus is a single service, Call Detail by Service (i.e., the customized Call Detail report) is likely to be your best solution. You can download the .JRXML file of the Call Detail report template and modify the file in Jaspersoft Studio. In doing so, you should add fields (columns) for “Service Name” which is $F{service_name} and “Disposition Notes” which is $F{agent_disposition_notes}, respectively.

For more information on importing and modifying reports in Jaspersoft Studio, see the Custom Reporting Tutorial.
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