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Creating New Wallboards

If you have the privilege to edit wallboards, you are also enabled to create new wallboards.

Wallboards can be created either from scratch or from one of five out-of-the-box templates. Because templates are preformatted with widgets and a standard layout, they allow you to build standard wallboards and customize them quickly.

How to Create a New Wallboard

  1. At the top of the page, click the Menu Wallboard-Menu-Icon-316.png icon.

  2. From the drop-down list that appears, select New.

    Select "New" to create a new wallboard

  3. In the New Wallboard dialog that appears, select the desired wallboard template.

    Wallboard template selector


Templates are available to create the following types of prefab wallboards:


The Empty template is a blank wallboard that shows a grid of empty cards. No statistics are preconfigured. This wallboard is the type to select when creating a new wallboard from scratch, when you do not wish to use any other template available.

Empty wallboard

Outbound Campaigns

The Outbound Campaigns template contains statistics related to the outbound campaigns that your team is assigned to handle.

The following statistics are included:

Outbound Campaigns wallboard template

Contact Center Overview

The Contact Center Overview template presents a broad overview of your contact center's activities.

The following statistics are included:

Contact Center Overview wallboard template

Inbound Wallboard

The Inbound Wallboard template contains statistics that are relevant to your team's inbound interactions.

The following statistics are included:

Inbound wallboard template

All Agents

The All Agents template presents a list view of selected agents from your team. To edit the preconfigured list of agent statistics, click the Edit icon at the top right of the wallboard template. This opens the Select Grid Options window, where you can select teams to show and sort/filter the agents in the list.

The following statistics are included:

All Agents wallboard template

Email Wallboard

The Email Wallboard template contains statistics that are relevant to your team's email queues.

The following statistics are included:

Email wallboard template

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