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About User Widgets

User widgets contain data related to an individual user; they are also featured in the My Grades section of Agent Desktop.

An example wallboard containing all user widgets

Selection of Widgets

The following is a list of user widgets you may add to the cards in your wallboard. To learn more about these widgets, select from the following links:

To add a user widget to your wallboard, you must be in Edit mode. Click inside an empty card or draw a card on an empty wallboard spot; both actions will bring up the widget selector. Click on the widget type you want, configure its settings, and it will populate the card.

User widget selector

User Widgets Menu Option

The wallboard Menu contains the option User Widgets. This option allows you to select and apply the statistics of a member of your team to all user widgets configured in a wallboard.

To configure this option, first select User Widgets. Once selected, a settings box will open. Select the desired team member from the Global User drop-down menu; the default selection is Logged in User. When you click OK, this user's statistics will be applied to all user widgets. If you do not wish to proceed with this option, click Cancel.

User Widgets menu option settings
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