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Title and Controls

In View mode, the following fields and controls are always shown:

  • Title and menu bar
  • Wallboard-Selector-Arrow-316.png Wallboard selector for selecting a personal or global wallboard
  • Wallboard-LR-Arrows-316.png Navigation arrows for flipping from one wallboard to the next
  • Wallboard-Menu-Icon-316.png Menu icon for working with wallboards

Wallboard title, controls, and Menu

A user with a privilege Customize Wallboards has additional elements that appear on the wallboard while in Edit mode:

  • Edit-Wallboard-Title-316.png Title field for changing the name of the wallboard
  • Theme-Selector-316.png Theme selector for selecting a light or dark theme
  • Wallboard-Save-Changes-316.png Save button for applying changes when in Edit mode

Wallboard controls are shown while in Edit mode

Hide Title Bar

An option in the menu called Hide Title Bar controls the title and controls display in View mode. If the Hide Title Bar option is enabled, it is hidden until the user’s mouse hovers over the border area over the top row of cards (i.e., spaces on the wallboard). When Hide Title Bar is disabled, the title reappears, shifting the content down on the display. Once the mouse has left the title area, the title disappears, shifting the content up.

Wallboard view with Hide Title Bar enabled

Hide Title Bar enabled - "mouse over" view
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