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Outbound Tab

The Outbound tab of the Services and Campaigns section of Contact Center Administrator provides a multiscreen view for the configuration of campaign-specific settings of outbound and blended services.

Outbound tab properties are organized into five screens: General Campaign Settings, Calling Hours, Dial Rules, Do Not Call lists, and Diagnostics. For detailed descriptions, follow these links:

For the recommended campaign configuration process, see Tutorials for Admins, section Outbound Campaign Configuration.


  • Some service configuration changes that affect agent behavior are not picked up dynamically by Agent Desktop. Thus, after making a change to outbound tab properties, particularly for voice service and email service properties, we recommend that all affected logged-in agents refresh their browser page.
  • If a custom scenario is used for an outbound campaign, note that it is not recommended to use the Request Skill or Service block to change the service to a difference service. The result of this is the list of dispositions presented to and used by agents will not match the list of dispositions for the outbound campaign results.

Outbound campaign settings
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