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What happens to emails from the Team Queue marked as "Spam"?

In Agent Desktop's Team Queue, the Spam button can be used to remove unwanted emails. Spam is simply a shortcut of assigning a disposition and a status of closed to the case that is created for the email. There is no spam filter that is invoked, nor are these emails removed from your system; that is, any emails marked as Spam will continue to exist in the email account configured in the Contact Center Administrator application, section Scenario Entries > Email. To retrieve emails marked as spam, open Search and Preview Records, select the Cases tab, and enter disposition:spam in the search field.

Administrators Note

If you would like the case-by-case detail of emails marked as Spam for their disposition, the Email Detail report is a good resource for you. Additionally, Interaction Records are a great way to see emails on a record-by-record basis.
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