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• 5.2

Version 5.2.4

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.4 is a minor release comprising one feature enhancement and various bug fixes.


The following feature is new for Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.4.

Skill Mapping for LoxySoft WFM Integration

Version 5.2.4 introduces skill mapping for your LoxySoft WFM integration account. Skill mapping allows you to map your contact center’s service names to code numbers in your Loxysoft account when configuring your integration account.

For more information, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Integration Accounts.


The following defects have been fixed in this version of Bright Pattern Contact Center. If you need to speak to Bright Pattern Support about any of these fixes, please use the provided reference numbers.

Reference Fixed in Version 5.2.4
15278 Activity server crash on workflow disposition selection
15285 Stat server memory use grows if "Collect tenant-accessible history of real-time events in monitoring system" is enabled
15281 500 Internal Server Error when “Bulk contact export” is attempted
15289 Contact-sorting error for a default view of 100 thousand entries (MongoDB)
15290 Failure to save contacts (unrecognized field “external_ids”)
15301 Sort buffer limit reached on full-text contact search when sorting by relevance score
15293 Contact created by Scenario engine can't be searched (“null” field values cause exception)
15253 Campaign identification on manual call: “Call anyway” button does not work
15245 Agent Desktop fails to show any activities after activities were created by “Bright Pattern Create Object” block in the Scenario Builder application
15259 Not all notes and dispositions are shown for a case
15080 Contact phone number and email cannot be deleted by agents

Upgrade Notes

Live Upgrade

Upgrade without downtime is supported from versions 5.2.3 or later only. To ensure uninterrupted operations during the upgrade, follow the upgrade procedure described in the Bright Pattern Contact Center Deployment Guide, section Upgrades.

Database Changes

Historical database schema did not change in between versions 5.2.0 and 5.2.4. We still recommend running dbUpdateReporting script, it will verify that the schema is up to date and will run quickly. Configuration database schemas have changed in release 5.2.4. Please be sure to perform a test run of the upgrade using the most recent backups of the database before upgrading your production environment. For detailed instructions, see section Performing Database Test Runs of the Bright Pattern Contact Center Deployment Guide.

Offline Upgrades

Direct (one-step offline) upgrades are supported from versions 5.0.0 and any subsequent officially released product versions. For upgrades from versions 3.x please contact Customer Support.

If you are upgrading from any version prior to version 5.2.3 be sure to read the What’s New documents and Release Notes for all versions that will have been skipped, as they may contain other important instructions and considerations.

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