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• 5.2

Version 5.2.7

Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.7 is a minor release.


The following feature is new for Bright Pattern Contact Center version 5.2.7.

Events Fired from Chat Widget

The chat widget now fires events when a user opens a pre-chat form, closes a pre-chat form, or starts a chat. In addition, the chat widget also fires events when a proactive offer appears on the screen, when a user closes it, or when a user starts a chat.

These events allow the webpage that contains the chat widget to process corresponding events or propagate them to third-party systems.

For more information on chat configuration, see the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Web Chat Configuration.


The following defects have been fixed in this version of Bright Pattern Contact Center. If you need to speak to Bright Pattern Support about any of these fixes, please use the provided reference numbers.

Reference Fixed in Version 5.2.7
15825 Writing interaction steps into the historical database fails when the interaction's "priority" column displays a value that differs from the priority value specified in the scenario. For example, a priority value can be a number in a range from 0 to 1,999,999,999. If a higher value is specified in the scenario, the priority value is written into the historical database as "1,999,999,999." This defect caused customers to have inaccurate reports.
15904 The Scenario Engine cannot process scenarios that include a Zendesk Search block with a certain configuration.
15812 The Schedule Server consumes 100% CPU, caused by null task.parentRefId.
15890 Stat Server fails, causing team metrics to be captured and displayed incorrectly.
15827 In Service Provider, when a cluster is configured with two regions and a contact center (i.e., tenant) is imported and assigned to one of the two regions, the ID (users.region_id) for the imported tenant is a different ID and does not match any of the regions.

Upgrade Notes

Live Upgrade

Upgrade without downtime is supported from versions 5.2.6 only. To ensure uninterrupted operations during the upgrade, follow the upgrade procedure described in the Bright Pattern Contact Center Deployment Guide, section Upgrades.

Database Changes

There were no historical database changes since release 5.2.6

There were no configuration database changes since release 5.2.6.

You still must run the scripts to ensure the database schemas are up to date. If you are upgrading from 5.2.6 the scripts will take only a few seconds to complete.

Offline Upgrades

Direct (one-step offline) upgrades are supported from versions 5.0.0 and any subsequent officially released product versions. For upgrades from versions 3.x please contact Customer Support.

If you are upgrading from any version prior to version 5.2.6 be sure to read the What’s New documents and Release Notes for all versions that will have been skipped, as they may contain other important instructions and considerations.

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