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Omni QM

Omni QM is a quality management system natively built into the Bright Pattern Contact Center omnichannel customer experience (CX) platform; it is enabled per contact center. Omni QM is designed to help contact centers evaluate and improve the quality of agent communications across media channels.

If Omni QM is enabled for your contact center, you will notice a new item on the Agent Desktop application’s navigation bar: Quality Management.


The Quality Management section is your access point to Omni QM, which enhances the existing training and monitoring tools by allowing you to review your team member’s interactions, view and confirm related evaluations, bookmark important interactions, and so forth. The ability to review your agents’ customer interactions will allow you to provide more specific feedback, prepare appropriate training material, and ultimately work toward producing positive customer experiences.

For more information, including tutorials and reference material, see the Omni QM Guide, section Omni QM for Supervisors.

Note: If Omni QM is not enabled in your contact center, the Quality Management section will not be available in Agent Desktop.

A supervisor’s view of Eval Home as seen in section Quality Management
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