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• 5.19 • 5.3 • 5.8


Allows you to reschedule outbound dialing retry time to be within a specific timeframe with the option to specify a time zone.

The reschedule window will only affect outbound campaigns when a non-final disposition is selected. The data is retained in Agent Desktop until changed or the interaction is completed.



setRescheduleWindow(numberToDial, fromTime, untilTime, timezoneName)


Parameter Data Type Required/Optional Description Example
numberToDial String Required The phone number to dial "11234567"
fromTime String Required The start of the reschedule timeframe in “YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM:SS” format "2019-09-12 15:30:00"
untilTime String Required The end of the reschedule timeframe in “YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM:SS” format (must be after the starting time) "2019-09-13 15:30:00"
timezoneName String Optional The name of the timezone; if omitted, the timezone will be assumed to be the record’s detected timezone “America/Los_Angeles”


Empty. In response to the request, the outbound dialing retry time is scheduled for the specified time window.

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