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Call Recording

As a supervisor, you can record conversations of any members of your team with customers and with each other. Call recording can be activated at any moment. Call recordings are stored in the system and can be reviewed at a later time. See section Quality Management for more information.

To record a call, select an agent from the Agent Metrics View in the right pane. The agent must be handling a service call and be in the Busy state.

The Contact Info Panel will display various active management controls, including the call recording button Supervisor-guide-image24.png. Note that depending on your configuration and call center practices, some or all calls may be recorded automatically as soon as they are established. Agents also may have privileges to start call recordings. If the call is already being recorded, the call recording button will display the pause recording function Pause-Screen-Recording.png or the stop recording function Supervisor-guide-image25.png.

How to Start and Stop Recording

To begin recording:

Click the Start Recording Supervisor-guide-image24.png button. The button will change its function to Stop recording.

To pause recording:

Click the Pause Recording Pause-Screen-Recording.png button. The button will change its function to Pause recording.

To stop recording at any time:

Click the Stop recording Supervisor-guide-image25.png button. Otherwise, the call recording will stop automatically when the call is released.

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