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Individual Chat

At any time during your working session, you can send a chat message to any member of your team as well as to a member of another team.

To send a chat message:

  1. Select a contact from the Directory. If the system supports chat communication with the selected contact, the Chat Dialog Window and the Chat Input Window will appear in the Contact Info Panel.
  2. In the Chat Input Window, type the message you wish to send to the selected contact and press the Enter key. You can mark the message as urgent by clicking the Supervisor-guide-image20.JPG icon below the Chat Input Window.

Individual chat

The message and the time of its entry will appear in the Chat Dialog Window. Urgent messages will have the (!) sign in front of them and their time stamps will be highlighted in red. The Active Communications List will display the chat session with the contact name and the chat session icon.

When the contacted party replies, his or her messages will appear in the Chat Dialog Window.

To close the chat session:

Click the Supervisor-guide-image22.png icon that appears when you move the mouse cursor over this session in the Active Communications List.

To see the content of a recent internal chat:

Select the chat session with the contact name from the Recent tab.

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