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Team Metrics View

Team metrics, while similar to agent metrics, focus specifically on the performance of the team you supervise. Team metrics are found within the Supervision center, at the top of the screen. You can have services sorted automatically by the value of any currently displayed metric. The current sorting parameter will have the sorting icon displayed Pull-Down-Icon.png next to the metric name. By default, services are sorted alphabetically.

While several of the team metrics are available in other metric view areas, team metrics are the sum or average of all values pulled from individual agents within a given team. For detailed descriptions of the metrics used in this section, see List of Team Metrics.

A view of team metrics, located at the top of the Supervision center

How to Add or Hide Metrics

When you move your cursor over the service names, right-clicking or clicking the "down" Pull-Down-Icon.png icon will bring up a drop-down menu that gives several options. You can hide metrics, add metrics, hide all metrics, or restore the default view. If you do not remember the changes you made (i.e., you hid a metric, want to add it back, but you do not remember the name of the metric), you may restore the default view to make all metrics visible that were originally set in Agent Desktop.

Adding or hiding metrics

To hide some metrics (e.g., hide overflow metrics assigned to your team in order to focus on your core metrics):

  1. Mouse over the corresponding metric name, and click the drop-down menu icon that will appear.
  2. Select the Hide metric option.

To add hidden metrics:

  1. Mouse over the name of the metric below which you wish the hidden metric to appear, and click the drop-down menu icon that will appear.
  2. Select the Add metric… option. A list of metrics will appear with checkboxes next to their names.
  3. Locate the desired metric in the list and select its checkbox.
  4. Click OK.

A view of team metrics from the Supervision center

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