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Working as a Supervisor

As a supervisor, you will be assigned the Supervising state upon logging into the Agent Desktop application. You will not receive any service calls while you are in this state. If you do not plan to handle service calls during your working session, you are advised to stay in this state as opposed to using the Not Ready state, because the latter may negatively affect your team’s statistics.

If you have to work as an agent temporarily during your working session, you can return to the Supervising state at any time except when you are in the Busy state (i.e., when you are actively communicating with a customer).

Selecting the Supervising state

To switch to the Supervising state, follow these steps:

  1. Click the User Status Indicator/Selector.
  2. Select Supervising from the drop-down menu.

The teams that are assigned to you for supervision can be viewed by clicking on the Supervision Supervision-Icon-AD-50.png icon in the Agent Desktop menu.

Active Supervision

The Agent Desktop application supports active supervision of agents from all your teams. If you have the privilege "All assigned teams combined view," then you may see metrics for all agents in the teams that you are assigned to supervise. The agent metrics are located in the Supervision Supervision-Icon-AD-50.png section of Agent Desktop and displayed at the bottom of the Context Information Area.

A view of all teams' agent metrics is found in the Supervision section

Note: If you do not see any teams to supervise, that means that you have not been assigned to supervise any teams. To be a supervisor, you must be given the role "Supervisor" and you must be assigned to supervise a team. Note that supervisors are assigned at the team level only, and supervisors are assigned by the system administrator. Contact your system administrator for assistance.

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