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Recovering Past Recordings

Is there any way to recover old recordings from a specific time frame in the past?

It is certainly possible to recover recordings from a past time frame; however, doing so involves contacting Bright Pattern to engage the operations team and submit a statement of work with a billable charge. If these recordings are critical, Bright Pattern can prepare an estimate for you.

To avoid the future need to recover such recordings, it is recommended that you proceed with setting up periodic recording export jobs going forward.

The capability to transfer the recordings via FTP/SFTP is set up in the Contact Center Administrator application:

  1. Log in as Admin.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Services & Campaigns > [your desired service] > Results tab > Periodic Recording Export Jobs.
  3. Review the information about Periodic Recording Export Jobs settings in the Contact Center Administrator Guide, section Results tab.
  4. Schedule your desired recording export job to run overnight, after 1:00 am, to capture the previous day’s data without interfering with your business hours.

Note that for future needs, Bright Pattern offers extended storage options, as well as the ability to transfer the recordings via FTP/SFTP.
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