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How to Transfer a Remote Assistance Session to a Different Agent During a Chat Session

During an active chat and active remote assistance session, you can invite another agent to join the customer’s chat, leave the chat, and have the other agent handle the remote assistance session.


  1. After the remote assistance session has been established, click the Invite Invite-Icon.png button in the chat window to either transfer the chat and conference with another agent or transfer the chat using the directory.

  2. Select the name of the agent who you wish to invite to the chat.

  3. Wait for the agent to accept the invitation.

  4. Once the other agent accepts the chat, the chat session between you, the other agent, and the customer will start, and the remote assistance session between you and the customer continues.

  5. To transfer the remote assistance session from yourself to the other agent, leave the chat. The remote assistance session will begin for the other agent and the customer.

What Happens for the Other Agent?

The other agent who is logged in to the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console will receive a sound notification in the console. That agent will be able to select the remote assistance session, which has status "Waiting," in the application, and click Start Session.

The agent then has the option to select either Remote control session to control and make changes on the customer desktop, or Viewing session to observe the customer's desktop only.
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