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• 5.19


The Agent Desktop Client-Side JavaScript API Specification describes the methods and callbacks of Bright Pattern's Agent Desktop Client JavaScript API.

The Agent Desktop Client-Side JavaScript API is a browser-based JavaScript API that is incorporated in the Embedded Agent Desktop Communicator Widget. This API allows a webpage to communicate with the Bright Pattern Agent Desktop application embedded on that page in an iframe.

With this API, you can do the following:

  • Request information about agent states and interactions
  • Request agent routing state change
  • Dial numbers
  • Transfer calls
  • Complete interactions
  • Terminate interactions
  • Control call recordings
  • Request information about agent login, status, and call flow

For general information about the Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Desktop application, see the Agent Guide. For information about loading web pages into Agent Desktop from scenarios, see the Scenario Builder Reference Guide, section Web Screen Pop.

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