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• 5.19


Get a list of all members of a specified team



getTeamMembers(teamId: string): Promise<OperationResult<TeamMember[]>>


type TeamMember = {

 id: string

 teamId: string

 firstName: string

 lastName: string

 phone: string

 state: TeamMemberState


type TeamMemberState = "offline" | "ready" | "not ready" | "busy" | "after call work" | "supervising"



Example Request

   getTeamMembersButton.onclick = () => {

       const teamId = teamIdInput.value



Return Value

Object Object Values Data Type Optional?


Return Value Description
id String N The team member’s unique (user) ID
teamId String N The team’s unique ID
firstName String N The team member’s first name
lastName String N The team member’s last name
phone String N The team member’s assigned phone number (i.e., extension)
state String N Returns the team member’s state as one of the following values:
  • "offline"
  • "ready"
  • "not ready"
  • "busy"
  • "after call work"
  • "supervising"

Explanation of States

Offline- The user is offline and not available to handle interactions.

Ready- The user is ready to handle interactions.

Not ready- The user is not ready to handle interactions.

Busy- The user is unavailable to accept new interactions because they are already handling one or more interactions.

After call work- The user is unavailable to accept service interactions because they are currently processing information related to an interaction that they previously handled.

Supervising- The user is supervising other agents and will not receive any service interactions while they are in this state.

Info.40x40.png Business users who do not take part in handling automatically distributed interactions cannot have the "busy" state.

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