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• 5.19


Allows you to reschedule an outbound record’s dialing retry time to be within a specific timeframe, and includes the option to specify a time zone. If the interactionId isn't specified, the method will apply to the currently active interaction.

The reschedule window will only affect outbound campaigns when a non-final disposition is selected. The data is retained in the Agent Desktop application until it is changed or the interaction is completed.



setRescheduleWindow(rescheduleData: RescheduleData, interactionId?: string): Promise<OperationResult<null>>


type RescheduleData = {

    numberToDial: string

    fromTime: string

    untilTime: string

    timezoneCode?: string



Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
numberToDial String Required The list record’s phone number that will be retried.
fromTime String Required The start of the reschedule time frame; must be in "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:mm:ss" format.
untilTime String Required The end of the reschedule time frame; must be in "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:mm:ss" format. Additionally, the untilTime must be later than the fromTime.
timezoneCode String Optional The name of the timezone (e.g., "America/Los_Angeles")
interactionId String Optional The specific interaction ID the reschedule window applies to.

Example Request

const interactionId = "9FC57C9-F57D-451F-A015-0953E2DCF679";

const promise = jsApi.setRescheduleWindow({

    numberToDial: "11244440523",

    fromTime: "2021-09-24 09:00:00",

    untilTime: "2021-09-24 15:00:00",

    timezoneCode: "America/Los_Angeles"

}, interactionId);

Return Value

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