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Subscribe to any incoming server errors, which are global errors that usually affect the health of a whole system or a current agent authorization session. The list of known possible errors is described below.



on('ON_SERVER_ERROR', handler: OnServerErrorHandler): void

type OnServerErrorHandler = (errorData: ServerErrorData) => void

type ServerErrorData = {

    code: ServerErrorCodes[keyof ServerErrorCodes]

    name:  keyof ServerErrorCodes

    timestamp: number //

    message?: string


type ServerErrorCodes = {

  forced_logout_by_other_client: 100

  forced_logout_by_supervisor: 101

  invalid_request: 102

  phone_not_registered: 103

  phone_not_in_dial_plan: 104

  tenant_disabled: 105

  destination_user_not_logged: 106

  user_disabled_or_deleted: 107

  user_already_logged_in: 108

  invalid_credentials: 109

  other_user_logged_with_phone: 110

  invalid_token: 111

  logged_users_limit_reached: 112

  already_logged_in_with_the_same_session: 113

  not_enough_privileges: 114

  sip_server_error: 200

  unknown_error: 300



Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
code String Required The error code from the ServerErrorCodes object.
name String Required The error code name from the ServerErrorCodes object.
timestamp Number Required The timestamp from when the error message was received from server; uses the method.
message String Optional The error text description

Example Request

function serverErrorHandler(errorInfo: ServerErrorData) {

console.log("The error " + + " occurred!");


adApi.on("ON_SERVER_ERROR", serverErrorHandler);

Return Value


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