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• 5.19


Indicates when the server finds some audio quality problems with the call.



on('ON_CALL_AUDIO_QUALITY_ALERT', handler: OnCallAudioQualityAlertHandler): void

type OnCallAudioQualityAlertHandler = (callId: string, alert: boolean) => SyncAsyncResult


Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
callId String Required The ID of the call experiencing quality problems
alert Boolean Required If set to true, the parameter indicates that there is a problem; if set to false, the parameter indicates that there is no problem.

Example Request

function callAudioQualityAlertCallback(callId: string, alert: boolean) {

if (alert) {

console.warn("Warning! Detected voice quality problems!");



adApi.on("ON_CALL_AUDIO_QUALITY_ALERT", callAudioQualityAlertCallback);

Return Value


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