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• 5.19


Make a transfer of one interaction to a consult call.



transfer(customTransferData?: CustomTransferData, mainCallId?: string, consultCallId?: string): Promise<OperationResult<null>>


type CustomTransferData = Record<string, string | number | boolean | undefined | null>


Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
customTransferData String Optional You can define here any custom data to be transferred with interaction to the receiving party.
mainCallId String Optional The ID of the interaction that you want to transfer. If not specified, the active interaction will be used.
consultCallId String Optional The ID of a consult call interaction to which you want to transfer. If not specified, a consult call associated with the active interaction will be used.

Example Request

transferButton.onclick = () => {

    const mainItemId = mainItemIdInput.value

    const consultCallId = consultCallIdInput.value

    let transferData: any | null = null

    try {

        transferData = JSON.parse(transferDataTextarea.value)

    } catch (e) {

        alert('You have syntax error in the transfer data structure. Cannot parse JSON.')


    adApi.transfer(transferData, mainItemId, consultCallId)


Return Value


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