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• 5.19


Get an array of allowed dispositions for a specific service or interaction. If neither the service nor the interaction ID is specified, you will receive dispositions for the active interaction.



getDispositionsList(target: DispositionTarget): Promise<OperationResult<DispositionData[]>>


type DispositionTarget = {

  service?: string

  interactionId?: string


type DispositionData = {

  id: string

  code: string

  name: string

  type: DispositionType


type DispositionType = "SUCCESS" | "FAILURE" | "CONTINUE" | "SPAM" | "DO_NOT_CALL"


Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
service String Optional The ID or the name of the specific service for which you will be retrieving the list of allowed dispositions.
interactionId String Optional The specific interaction ID for which you will be retrieving the allowed dispositions.

Example Request

    getDispositionsListButton.onclick = () => {

        const serviceId = notesServiceIdInput.value

        const itemId = notesInteractionIdInput.value


            service: serviceId,

            interactionId: itemId,



Return Value

Object Object Values Data Type Optional?


Value Description
id String N Returns the unique ID of the disposition
code String N Returns the disposition code
name String N Returns the disposition’s display name
type DispositionType N Returns the disposition type; values are as follows:
  • "SPAM"

Note: With the "CONTINUE" disposition, you should also set the reschedule call window with API method setRescheduleWindow.

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