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• 5.19


This callback is used for receiving the CRM screen data that is associated with an active interaction (i.e., when it changes). The parameters of this callback include the object that you set for the last active interaction with the setInteractionActiveScreen method.



on('ON_ACTIVATE_INTERACTION_SCREEN', handler: OnActivateInteractionScreen): void

type OnActivateInteractionScreen = (screen: InteractionScreen, interactionId: string) => void

type InteractionScreen = Record<string, string | number | boolean | null | undefined>


Parameter Parameter Values Data Type Optional/Required Description
screen String Required Any flat object data (i.e., not nested) that you added for the interaction with the setInteractionActiveScreen method
interactionId String Required The ID of the interaction, to which the provided object belongs

Example Request

function activeInteractionScreenHandler(screen: InteractionScreen, interactionId: string) {

const openedObjectId = screen.objectId;

openCRMObject({id: openedObjectId});


adApi.on("ON_ACTIVE_INTERACTION_SCREEN", activeInteractionScreenHandler);

Return Value

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